What is the design inspiration behind Yodar's Funko Pop Shelf?

What is the design inspiration behind Yodar's Funko Pop Shelf?


This article will provide a detailed insight into the design inspiration behind each of Yodar's products. We hope that through our introduction, you can deepen your understanding and appreciation for Yodar.

Why Choose to Design and Sell Funko Pop Shelves?

Our designer, who also happens to be our boss, is an industrial design enthusiast and a dedicated Funko Pop collector. While deeply fond of each Funko figure, they struggled with the lack of cool and stylish display cabinets available on the market. After conducting market research and realizing that many enthusiasts shared the same need, they decided to leverage their design skills to help solve the challenge of how to better display and collect Funko Pop figures.

Collaborating with 100 collectors, and taking their trial feedback into account, we iteratively improved our products. Currently, we have developed 8 different shelf designs and plan to continue creating more products that everyone will love.

Our First Product - Black and White Hexagon

This was our debut product tailored for Funko Pop collectors, and the hexagonal shape was inspired by magical spell circles.

For more details, please read "Design Inspiration and Innovation Journey of the Hexagon Shelf".

Our second Product - Thunder

It can glow more intensely, and the design inspiration for the glowing pattern comes from The Flash. For more details, please refer to "Funko Pop Shelf | Design Inspiration behind L-Thunder"


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