Funko Pop Shelf | Design Inspiration behind L-Thunder

Funko Pop Shelf | Design Inspiration behind L-Thunder

Design Concept:

This is our second product designed for Funko Pop, following the success of our previous creation. We deeply understand the allure of fluorescence, and therefore, we decided to incorporate fluorescent effects once again in this new product to enhance its display appeal.

During the design process, we pondered deeply: What if the material of the shelf were transparent? Could we maximize the fluorescent effect? This question sparked our inspiration. Hence, we chose acrylic as the material for the shelf and designed special grooves on the acrylic surface to inject fluorescent material.

Behind this design decision, our aim was to bring a more dazzling effect to the display of Funko Pop collectibles. Transparent acrylic material beautifully showcases the brilliance of the fluorescent material, causing the entire shelf to emit a captivating fluorescent glow when exposed to light. This not only highlights the individuality and uniqueness of Funko Pop collectibles but also attracts more attention.

Next, we began designing the luminescent pattern. Drawing inspiration from the Flash, we selected lightning bolts as the theme. This pattern not only aligns with the diversity and personalization of Funko Pop's style but also creates a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. When the fluorescent material is injected into the acrylic grooves, the lightning bolt-shaped luminescent pattern will shimmer in the darkness, adding a touch of mystery and distinctive charm to the display of Funko Pop collectibles.


We firmly believe that this L-Thunder display shelf will become the ideal choice for Funko Pop enthusiasts to showcase their collections. It not only maximizes the charm of Funko Pop collectibles but also provides a unique visual delight. Whether used for personal collection displays or commercial showcases, this shelf adds a vibrant touch to the world of Funko Pop.

We will continue to innovate and improve, providing Funko Pop collectors with more unique and high-quality display products. We love Funko Pop deeply and hope to convey this passion and enthusiasm to every collector through our products. Let's together make the charm of Funko Pop shine in every corner!

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Lastly, if you love YODAR, we welcome you to explore and purchase our products. Regardless, we sincerely appreciate your support.


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