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The Original Stackable Wall Mountable Display Shelf for your Funko Pops & Collectibles

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Summary of the YODAR's Products

Yodar's self-designed floating wall shelves are perfect for figures like Funko Pop as well as other similarly sized ones like PopMart, LEGO, and plush toys.
1. Our mounts have a glow-in-the-dark feature, making your Funko Pop figure look even cooler. Crafted from fluorescent materials, the gentle glow emitted by the mount at night creates a delightful ambiance without disturbing sleep.
2. We also offer wall stands suitable for Out-Of-Box display, enhancing the appeal of your Funko Pop figure.
3. For those who prefer to keep their figures in their boxes, we also offer In-The-Box compatible stands.
4. We even have stands that accommodate both Out-Of-Box and In-The-Box display preferences, catering to various presentation styles.

We will continue to design stylish, secure, and practical Funko Pop display shelves for figure collectors. Feel free to subscribe and follow YODAR for updates!

The design inspiration

To deepen your understanding of YODAR's display shelves, we have created a dedicated blog series that provides insights into the design and creative process behind our products.

We sincerely appreciate your support, as it is your support that enables us to continuously innovate and create unique Funko Pop shelves. Please feel free to explore our blog 《What is the design inspiration behind Yodar's Funko Pop Shelf ?》 to learn more about the stories behind our products and the efforts we put into achieving exceptional designs.

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