Design Inspiration and Innovation Journey of the Funko Pop Hexagonal Display Shelf

Design Inspiration and Innovation Journey of the Funko Pop Hexagonal Display Shelf

The Funko Pop Hexagonal Display Stand, a design inspired by magical sigils, embodies limitless creativity and uniqueness. From the inspiration drawn from the hexagonal shape to the meticulous selection of dimensions, the incorporation of the Glow-in-the-dark effect, and the journey of product improvement, each step bears witness to the passion and dedication of the design team.

 Floating Funko Pop Shelf

Inspiration from the Hexagonal Shape

The inspiration for the hexagonal shape originates from magical sigils, making this Floating Shelf by YODAR the first of its kind designed exclusively for Funko Pop. Fans of Marvel are likely familiar with the magical sigils featured in Doctor Strange, and this distinctive geometric form ignited the designers' creativity. While rectangular and circular display stands dominate the market, the vision of a hexagonal design emerged in the minds of the design team while watching Doctor Strange, leading to the creation of the Funko Pop Hexagonal Display Stand.

Choosing the Right Dimensions

To ensure practicality, the design team meticulously investigated the dimensions of various Funko Pop figures. After careful consideration, they decided to set the height of the display stand at 4.4 inches, a size capable of accommodating the majority of Funko Pop collectibles. However, given the diversity of Funko Pop figures, YODAR also advises potential buyers to measure their own Funko Pop items before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

The Glow-in-the-dark Idea

The surprise of innovation lies in the incorporation of the Glow-in-the-dark effect. Some Funko Pop figures on the market emit a glow in the dark, a visual effect that has garnered immense popularity. This sparked a new idea in the minds of the design team: to integrate this effect into the display stand. Design blueprints were modified to include space for injecting glow-in-the-dark materials. Upon completing the design of the first version, the finished product presented a stunning effect that convinced the design team that this creative addition would captivate a wide range of users.

Floating Funko Pop Display Ideas

Product Improvement

However, the path of innovation is rarely without its challenges. After being on the market for a while, a concerning issue emerged: the back surface of the display stand was rough, causing the 3M adhesive to lose grip, leading to the stand falling off after prolonged use.

Confronting this significant problem, the design team swiftly took action, recalling all stands affected by the issue. Through careful analysis and reflection, they decided to refine the design. The back surface was smoothed out, and additional adhesive area was incorporated without compromising aesthetics, ensuring the stand's stability. After persistent efforts, the improved version is now available on the market, giving users the assurance to enjoy the pleasure of showcasing Funko Pop collectibles without worry.



The design journey of the Funko Pop Hexagonal Display Stand exemplifies the team's innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to product quality. From the birth of inspiration to the resolution of challenges, each step represents the team's growth and dedication on the path of design. This display stand is not only a preferred choice for Funko Pop enthusiasts, but also a testament to the fusion of creativity and quality.

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