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The 7 Benefits of Using Floating Funko Pop Shelf


In today's realm of collecting and decoration, the Floating Funko Pop Shelf has emerged as a highly regarded innovative choice. It not only brings a unique display experience to collectors and decoration enthusiasts but also combines practicality, aesthetic value, and cost-effectiveness. This article delves into the various benefits of using the Floating Funko Pop Shelf, ranging from space-saving to personalized displays, and even easy installation and maintenance.

1. Space Saving and Innovative Design:

The Floating Funko Pop Shelf ingeniously integrates collectible displays into the wall with its suspended design, offering a creative solution to collectors. This design optimizes the display space for collectibles while creating a visually light and stylish effect. No longer will large cabinets take up floor space; each collectible receives ample display and presentation. Furthermore, due to the compact nature of these shelves, they can be flexibly placed in various positions, such as above or below windows, beside bookshelves, making optimal use of available space.


Next to the window:


Next to the door:


Side of bookshelf:


Under the TV:



2. Creating Visual Focus and Decorative Appeal:

The Floating Funko Pop Shelf transcends being just a means of displaying collectibles; it's an art of decoration in itself. Its wall-suspended design transforms collectibles into the visual centerpiece of a room. Interior design experts note that this design adds depth and layers to a room, infusing a unique decorative appeal. Your collectibles are no longer concealed but presented in an artistic manner. The attractive design of the shelf itself serves as a decoration, further enhancing the artistic ambiance when combined with your Figure collectibles.



3. Protecting Collectibles and Reducing Risks:

Beyond aesthetics, the suspended design of the Floating Funko Pop Shelf offers enhanced protection for collectibles. By keeping collectibles away from ground level, it minimizes the risk of common damages from accidental collisions or mischievous pets. With the suspended design, you can confidently preserve your collectibles without worrying about potential harm.

The shelves crafted by YODAR even come with thoughtful small double-sided adhesive pads that can be placed between the bottom of the Figure and the shelf, preventing accidental falls in case of vibrations.

4. Personalization and Creative Displays:

The Floating Funko Pop Shelf provides a personalized option, allowing you to customize according to your preferences and the types of collectibles you own. You can freely combine different suspended shelves, creating unique arrangements and compositions that highlight the diversity of your collection. Whether organized by theme, color, or series, you can showcase your distinct world of collectibles.

5. Adapting to Collection Growth and Adjustability:

The Floating Funko Pop Shelf isn't limited to your current collection; it's adaptable to accommodate the growth of your collection. You can adjust the number and placement of the suspended shelves as needed, ensuring they seamlessly accommodate changes in your collection. This flexibility makes the Floating Funko Pop Shelf a long-term practical display solution.

6. Reasonable Price and Value for Money:

Compared to traditional wooden cabinets, the Floating Funko Pop Shelf offers a more cost-effective choice. With it, you obtain not only an innovative suspended design but also relative affordability. Choosing the Floating Funko Pop Shelf doesn't only excel in practicality but also strikes a balance between affordability and aesthetics.

7. Easy Installation and Maintenance:

The 3M adhesive-based installation of the Floating Funko Pop Shelf makes it incredibly easy to install without the need for drilling and without damaging walls. These shelves are easy to disassemble, and even if adjustments are required later on, they won't leave holes in the walls. The provided simple steps ensure that the installation process requires no specialized skills.


A friendly reminder: after installing the shelves with 3M adhesive, in case you need to change their positions, you can use a hairdryer to soften the adhesive, then gently scrape it off with a plastic scraper or your fingernail.



In conclusion, the Floating Funko Pop Shelf offers numerous benefits, from space-saving to personalized displays, and from easy installation to maintenance. It not only adds unique display charm to collectibles but also encompasses practicality and cost-effectiveness, delivering an entirely fresh experience for collectors and decoration enthusiasts. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned collector, the Floating Funko Pop Shelf is certainly worth serious consideration. Opting for it not only provides a perfect home for your collectibles but also infuses limitless charm into your space.


YODAR's Exclusive Contribution:

YODAR specializes in designing Floating Wall Shelves that are sleek in appearance, easy to install, and secure for displaying Funko Pop items. All products are manufactured using mold-making techniques to ensure both quality and aesthetics.

Distinct from ordinary display shelves, YODAR's Floating Wall Shelves even come with a "glow-in-the-dark" feature, transforming your collectibles into mesmerizing nightlights. Whether for display or decoration, YODAR's Floating Wall Shelves promise unexpected surprises. Feel free to explore and select them to embark on a unique display journey!


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